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Re: Numbers in Our Daily Life
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2010/8/27 21:17
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At my Centre for Child Development we introduce the concept of numbers by getting things which are same,say 2 balls,3cars and so on.We make the kids sit around a table, we ask them if they can see any toys on the table,encouraging their responses.Then we introduce the concept that when nothing is there we call it "zero',we then show them flashcard of 0.After that one toy is kept on table,they are asked and then introduce concept of no 1,and so on till no 5 gradually till 10.To reinforce we take them to count things around the class,then from books,this is after the concept of nos,recognition becomes clear.Another game which is favourite of kids is we prepare a really big dice using a cardboard box on which first only pictures corresponding to numbers are there say 1 tree,2 balls etc.The dice is rolled & thrown in the middle,once the children count the number of things they have to perform a action say clap,stamp their feet etc,ex- if 3 cars can be seen then clap 3 times.This is loved by kids who are active,love to learn by hands on way.this way bodily kinaesthetic,visual intelligence come in play also. In another activity we make the children stand with their back towards the wall then all have to first strech right hand in front then left when teacher calls out.After that teacher helps them to count the hands by drawing stars on hands.Also helps to reinforce left and right hand concepts. Another game which is famous in India is snakes & ladders,for which we either get it painted on the ground or make a huge cardboard cutout which we paste on ground,initially we limit the numbers to 20.the child throws the big dice made of cardboard ,they have to pick up that many things from the basket on which their marker lands after they get the number and move that many places.Same way we have a traditional game of numbers called "pachisi "where special board is there which somewhat resembles ludo,which I have modified using numbers and pictures,& which can be played using markers.Helps in number recognition,linguistic skills. By Neelakshi Chetas Centre for Child Development

Posted on: 2010/8/27 22:02
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