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Treasure Hunt
2010/1/8 17:30
From Beijing
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In order to service you better, the Institute will be posting activties on a monthly basis for teachers that want to apply MI in the classrooms and parents that want to conduct MI activities at homes.  These activities are pulled from our partner schools and are written by researchers and experienced educators.  We welcome your comments and additions to the activity list to enrich the community.

Activity Title

Treasure Hunt

Triggered Intelligences

*   Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 

*   Linguistic Intelligence

Suggested Ages

*   Two

Learning Domains

*   Language and Literacy

*   Physical & Health

Materials and Equipment

1. Three 600mm plastic water bottles (empty and dry) with lids
2. Table salt (enough to fill each bottle ? full)
3. A collection of pretty things small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle (marbles, sequins, a bit of ribbon etc.)
4. White glue


1. Fill two of the plastic bottles with the table salt ? full.
2. Drop several of the pretty things in to the bottles.
3. Put some glue on the inside edges of the bottle caps and screw them down tight.


1. Take the third bottle to Circle Time along with the salt, pretty things and glue.
2. Let the children watch you drop pretty things in to the bottle.
3. Let them see you fill the bottle with salt.
4. Tell them why you are putting glue on the cap, and then screw it down tight.
5. Gently roll the bottle around on its side and upside down.
6. As the pretty things come in to view, stop and ask the children to name them.
7. After Circle Time, place the bottle along with the other two in a place where children can easily explore them on their own.


When children are engaged in this activity, your questions and suggested inquiries should not be
limited to the examples below. Think beyond the suggestions given to talk with children. Have real life conversations about the activity they are participating in so you can gain an understanding of what they already know and what they might want to know more about.
When you do this activity at Circle Time, tell the children that you are making a Treasure Bottle, so that they can go with you on a Treasure Hunt.
Their excitement at seeing the bits of treasure appear can be so great that it might be hard for them to raise their hands. Invite them to call out if the “spy” something.

This activity can be extended by:

putting salt in your Sand and Water Box with some larger pretty things and some wire strainers. The children can dig down in to the salt, and watch the salt sift through the strainer to discover if they have captured an object.


We would love to hear your feedback and discussion on the following questions:
What is "MI" about this?
What else would you like to do with this kind of activities?
Are there other activities relating to  Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence?

Posted on: 2010/9/21 15:38

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