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Let's go to the moon
2010/1/8 17:30
From Beijing
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In order to service you better, the Institute will be posting activties on a monthly basis for teachers that want to apply MI in the classrooms and parents that want to conduct MI activities at homes.  These activities are pulled from our partner schools and are written by researchers and experienced educators.  We welcome your comments and additions to the activity list to enrich the community.

Activity Title

Let's go to the moon

Triggered Intelligences   

*   Interpersonal Intelligence
*   Naturalist Intelligence

Suggested Ages

*   Three
*   Four

Learning Domains

*   Scientific Thinking
*   Social

Materials  and Equipment

1. One gallon Plastic water jugs(empty and dry ,one for each child)
2. Utility knives or sharp teachers scissors
3. Star stickers(and planet stickers if you can find them)
4. Plastic vegetable trays for stickers


Ask parents, well ahead of time, to each bring in one plastic (on gallon) empty water jug.


1. It’s good for children to see their teachers using real tools.
2. At a table where you have placed the stickers, sit and cut the top off of each jug.
3. Then, cut an opening in one side of the jug big enough to allow children to look out from under their astronaut helmets!
4. Invite them to decorate their helmets with the stickers.
5. While you are working, ask them what they know about the moon(the moon is a light source at night).


When children are engaged in this activity, your questions and suggested inquiries should not be limited to the examples below. Think beyond the suggestions given to talk with children. Have 31real life conversations about the activity they are participating in so you can gain an understanding of what they already know and what they might want to know more about.
Ask children if any of them have ever been outside at night when the moon is full. Ask them if they know that Chinese astronauts went up in space shortly after school started. They went on a three day mission in a spacecraft named ShenzhouVll. One of the astronauts walked in space. In twelve years from now, China wants to send a spacecraft to land on the moon.

This activity can be extended by: 
Using either large boxes, or furniture in your classroom to construct a spacecraft, and taking a pretend trip to the moon.


We would love to hear your feedback and discussion on the following questions:
What is "MI" about this?
What else would you like to do with this kind of activities?
Are there other activities relating to  these Intelligence?

Posted on: 2010/10/22 12:18

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