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Shoe Box Apartment
2010/1/8 17:30
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In order to service you better, the Institute will be posting activties on a monthly basis for teachers that want to apply MI in the classrooms and parents that want to conduct MI activities at homes.  These activities are pulled from our partner schools and are written by researchers and experienced educators.  We welcome your comments and additions to the activity list to enrich the community.

Activity Title

Shoe Box Apartment

Triggered Intelligences    
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Spatial Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence

Suggested Ages

*   Four

Learning Domains

  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical & Health
  • Art
  • Social
  • Social Studies

 and Equipment

1. Shoe boxes (one for each child)
2. Paper (an assortment of colors and textures)
3. Magazines
4. Fabric scraps
5. Recycled materials such as plastic bottle caps, wine corks etc.
6. Modeling clay
7. Markers
8. Scissors
9. Glue


1. Well before you are ready to do this activity, ask parents to bring an empty shoe box to school.
2. At a Circle Time before you do this activity, tell the children about your request for shoe boxes.
3. Tell them that once there are enough (one for everyone) you are going to ask them to use their shoe boxes to make dioramas of their bedrooms.
4. Ask them to go home, and make a list (with the help of a parent) of all the things in their bedrooms, and bring their lists back to school.


1. Place all the materials (adding the shoe box lids to the list above) on or near the table where children will be working.
2. Have their lists from home at the table, and read each child’s list to her before she gets to work.
3. Invite children to look carefully at all the materials on the table before they get to work, so they can decide what to use to “make a bed” for example.
4. It could take several days before all children who chose to participate have
completed their construction.
5. Once everyone is done, glue the boxes together side by side and on top of each other to construct an “apartment” building.


When children are engaged in this activity, your questions and suggested inquiries should not be
limited to the examples below. Think beyond the suggestions given to talk with children. Have
real life conversations about the activity they are participating in so you can gain an understanding of what they already know and what they might want to know more about.
When children are busy working, encourage them to talk to one another about how their bedrooms are the same and how they are different.

This activity can be extended by: 
putting the “apartment” house somewhere in the room where children can play with it.


We would love to hear your feedback and discussion on the following questions:
What is "MI" about this?
What else would you like to do with this kind of activities?
Are there other activities relating to  these Intelligence?

Posted on: 2010/11/24 12:38

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