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Let’s Communicate
2010/1/8 17:30
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In order to service you better, the Institute will be posting activties on a monthly basis for teachers that want to apply MI in the classrooms and parents that want to conduct MI activities at homes.  These activities are pulled from our partner schools and are written by researchers and experienced educators.  We welcome your comments and additions to the activity list to enrich the community.

Activity Title
Let’s Communicate

Triggered Intelligences    

Suggested Ages
*   Three
*   Four
*   Five

Materials and Equipment
        1.  Large white flip chart (purchased from Staples)
2. Black marker
3. Daily Newspaper
1.       At a Circle Time before you do this activity with children, show them the daily newspaper. Find out what they know about newspapers. Tell them that you are going to be starting Circle Time each day, asking children to share a story about something that happened at home the night before, or that morning before they came to school, or something that happened last week and that might happen in the future.
1. Write clearly – School News – across the top of the first sheet of the flip chart.
2. Invite your children to take turns sharing their stories.
3. Before children begin speaking, write their names on the left side of the paper. As they tell their stories, write down  their words exactly as they say them.
4. When a child finishes a story, have them invite their classmates to ask questions, or make comments – “Any questions or comments?”
5. If you put the flip chart on a tripod, you can stand up when you write. This will give them the best view of letter formation.
6. If you don’t have a tripod, you can lay the flip chart on the floor, or you can place it on a table.
7. After your children have finished sharing their stories, read them out-loud, sweeping your finger under each word as you go.
8. News of the Day is something you can do with your children any and/or every day of the school year.
When children are engaged in this activity, your questions and suggested inquiries should not be limited to the examples below. Think beyond the suggestions given to talk with children. Have real life conversations about the activity they are participating in so you can gain an understanding of what they already know and what they might want to know more about.
New of the Day provides children with an opportunity to go beyond the here-and-now in conversing with their fellow classmates. It is an invitation to children to re-call and re-tell. It is also an opportunity for children to understand how their families are similar and different from others, and develop respect for similarities and differences between themselves and others.
This activity can be extended by: 
This activity can be extended by: publishing News of the Day, and sending a copy home with each child at the end of the school year.

We would love to hear your feedback and discussion on the following questions:
What is "MI" about this?
What else would you like to do with this kind of activities?
Are there other activities relating to these Intelligence?

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