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“Speaking at MI World Symposium” Contest Forum
2010/1/8 17:30
From Beijing
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Are you interested in attending the MI World Symposium?  While there why not give a 5-min presentation to an audience of 500 interested educators?

In this forum, we invite you to  post your idea and a brief outline for a 5-min presentation.  One submission will be selected (March 31, 2010),  and the author will be awarded: 

*gratis entry to the Symposium
*5 min presentation opportunity

We will select the winning speech by the end of March 2010.  We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Posted on: 2010/1/11 17:15

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Re: “Speaking at MI World Symposium” Contest Forum
Just popping in
2010/3/18 16:17
From Shanghai
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As a MovieMagic EFL teacher in China since 1999, I have been using movie-based role play and project-based learning, within the spirit of MI. Also within this spirit was my recent presentation at the Jan 4--6 International Civic Education Conference at Beijing Normal U.:"Morphing China's English Corners for Wikinomics Generations." ( My 5-minute presentation will: *emphasize the great opportunity in China for linking MI with EFL (and MFL) and PBL (Project-based Learning) *suggest the tremendous potential for linking Wikinomics dynamics with MI-inspired learning materials, using Web-based peer production of materials for English learners and for Mandarin learners *give video clips from my classes at Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Languages College. Those in my classes are 1st year students, 90% female, coming from Shanghai as well as the poorer provinces, without high scores on the national exam. Particularly important--and effective--for my students is the MI motto: "Nurture the learner, know the learner, trust the learner." The video will demonstrate the movie-based MI dynamics of my classes. BELOW is a general outline of the classes. Learners (Ls) view brief movie segments---usually 5 minutes or less Teacher (T) usually then summarizes what was SEEN and HEARD, in a sequential fashion. Ls then work in pairs, in 2 lines of chairs facing each other: AND (occasionally) *(when volume/subtitles are turned OFF, and T does not summarize) Ls guess the nature of the interaction/emotions AND/OR *tell the story...with one student speaking in Chinese and the other translating simultaneously into English AND/OR *both L pairs tell the story...taking turns AND/OR *L pairs do role plays from the movie sequence AND/OR *L pairs discuss the movie, based upon their homework>>reading movie reviews from and/or and their translations of difficult/interesting words into Chinese Ls circulate systematically around the lines of chairs...moving one or more chairs to their right...then perform ABOVE with new partners. When appropriate, Ls also relate movie-based story/role plays/discussions to distributed class materials relating to topics such as: *Customer Service *Dealing with Difficult People *Problem-solving *Brain-storming *Creativity *Leadership *Success In each class: * Ls listen to Ls' PBL assignments from * T mentions positive elements of their assignment, and offers suggestions for improvement * Ls read aloud/discuss one or more movie reviews (with translated difficult/interesting words) done by Ls for homework * circulating L pairs quiz each other on new vocabulary words, from the movies and/or from the movie reviews For Homework: *(As described ABOVE)Ls do different Movie Reviews for the assigned movie *L then read their list of English--Mandarin words into the MovieMagic page at, and list these words in the page. (So these materials are suitable for both English as well as Mandarin learning.) (My Blog of several years, from is available at: )

Posted on: 2010/3/18 17:55

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