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How smart are you?
Just popping in
2010/9/24 18:31
From Fareham
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Prof Gardner of Harvard -1983

invented Multiple Intelligences theory

for the likes of you and me

I believe - said he

eight intelligences there be


Intelligent linguistically

love words, reading and writing

talk articulately and eloquently

then word smart you be

like BLiar Tony or Maggie T


Intelligent logic-mathematically

great with sums and thinking step-by-step

love numbers 1 - infinity

then number smart you be

like Einstein or M Curie


Intelligent visual-spatially

Can read a map naturally

or navigate easily

or paint a masterpiece stunningly

then picture smart you be

like Picasso or da Vinci


Intelligent kinaesthetically

love to dance and play

move athletically and gracefully

then body smart you be

like Shakira or L Messi


Intelligent musically

passion for music and singing

can write a tune or play a melody

then music smart you be

like MJ or Elvis Presley


Intelligent interpersonally

great with people - mixing and mingling

connecting and caring socially

then people smart you be

like Princess D or Mother T


Intelligent intrapersonally

know yourself well

can sit in a library

work patiently and independently

then self-smart you be

just like me - Mr Ritchie


Intelligent naturally

see patterns and relationships easily

between different living things

then natural smart you be

like David Bellamy or a Prof of Botany


Now how smart you be?

If you have multiple intelligences 1 to 3

then how lucky you be

but if only one - then don’t worry

cos just possibly

a genius - you be


So now you know

about Multiple Intelligences theory

and how smart you be

so instead of thinking

negatively and foolishly

how dumb is me

think positively and intelligently

and think how clever is me


Ritchie Fan

Posted on: 2010/9/26 17:38
Re: How smart are you?
Just popping in
2010/1/14 13:51
From Oxford
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he he...cute!! Nice one!!

Posted on: 2010/10/4 15:55
Re: How smart are you?
Just popping in
2010/9/29 11:39
From Beijing
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i like this theory....MI, not only the IQ plus EQ and AQ . i am trying all the ways to give my daughter the best  to let her grow to be smart and compassionate.

Posted on: 2010/10/14 13:22

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