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  • Recognizing the popularity and potential of Multiple Intelligences education, the Multiple Intelligences Institute (MII) is looking to partner with esteemed organizations across the world.  Our partners will be committed to push MI in their region while receiving strong support from the Institute.  Details of the cooperation include:
       -     Offer MII original courses in the local region
       -     Translate and customize MII courses to be offered in the local region
       -      Hire and train instructors to teach MII courses

       -        Access to MII experts for local events and training
       -        Access to MII experts for school establishment or expansion

       -        Conduct audits of local schools for accreditation
       -        Participate in the full process of accreditation

       -        Receive discounted tickets to MII hosted events
       -        Appear on event marketing premiums to gain world-wide exposure

       -        Join MII in global PR and marketing initiatives
       -        Participate in MII led research initiatives
       -        Access to MII intellectual property including previous research results and curriculums
    We are looking for partners that:
       -        Have good understanding of MI Theory
       -        Are committed to expand the application of MI in educational setting
       -        Are premium education organizations in their local regions
       -        Have access to wide range of schools, teachers, and students
       -        Are financially capable to run projects on their own

    Due to the unique nature of the partnership, we require all our partners to be MII accredited organizations or certified individuals.
    All income generated by the partnership will be shared by the two sides to cover the costs of operation.  This is a great way for potential partners to tap into MI Institute's rich resources, offerings, and name.

    Our current partners are:

    Małgorzata Pamuła, Poland
    Marta de Gomez, El Salvador and Central America
    Wise English Limited (WEL), Republic of Korea
    Joshua Lange, United Kingdom
    David Wang, Australia

    University of Macerata, Italy
    Beijing Institute of Education, China
    KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists (Pty) Ltd., South Africa

    We hope the joint effort will bring wide spread application of MI in schools across the world and enhance the education of the next generation of leaders.  As the first step of the selection process, we want to understand more about your organization and your goals.  Please contact Gregory Chang at Gregory.Chang@miinstitute.info for an information form.