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  • At Home with Multiple Intelligences
    A course for parents, caregivers, and important others in a child's life

    Course Overview
    The bottom line with MI theory is believing that each child is different, unique;
    that each will become who they are (not necessarily who we want them to be).
    That is the MI philosophy.  The theory gives us the tools to follow through on that belief.

    At Home with Multiple Intelligences is an introductory course for the important family members, friends, and caregivers in a child's life.   We use the term "At Home"  in a literal way, to suggest that the course is geared to family and caregivers and out-of-school contexts;  and  we also use the figurative meaning:  to be comfortable with; being  "at home with" MI theory and what it suggests and can inspire in your family life. This course does not bog you down with theory, but does provide enough of the theoretical and practical for you to understand and use MI in a way that will be fun and productive.

    At Home with MI course participants will appreciate and understand:

    How MI Theory describes intelligence and how it is different from the common view of intelligence.

    What this different theory of intelligence suggests for our understanding of and interactions with important children in our lives.

    How MI theory can be used as a lens to know children, their strengths, interests, and preferences, and how that information can be used to the good for the child and family.

    How MI theory can be used in many ways, small and big, for and with children; to support their own development, their learning and school experiences, and family life.

    How to use the theory toward family and caregiving goals: (fill in your goals here!)

    The course uses an MI-based approach, which is learner-centered and active. The course emphasizes learning by doing, problem-solving, and making practical connections to your own situation.   You'll see video clips of MI in action, access written resources, and have an opportunity to question and share.



    Session One: What is Multiple Intelligence Theory?
    In this session, MI theory is introduced through a short reading and engaging video selections that explain MI theory and illustrate its use in classrooms.    All Sessions end with a related thought question or prompt, which participants can bring to the "MI at Home" Discussion Forum .

    Session Two: What are the Eight (8 Intelligences)?
    Yes, there are officially eight formally identified intelligences, and in this session, you will learn more about each through video and narrative descriptions.  Play the "Which Intelligence Am I?" Game to deepen your understanding of each intelligence.   

    Session Three: MI in the Real World
    In this session we take a look at how the intelligences come together and work together in the "real world."  Intelligences work in combination, to solve real problems and to create something.  We bring our unique combinations of intelligences to the fore to be successful.  The Session Three activities focus on understanding ourselves and one another with multiple intelligences .

    Session Four: Getting to Know Your Child through an MI Lens
    Know thyself, and know your children! As parents, caregivers, and important others, we informally get to know our children by observing, listening, discussing, and collaborating with them. Every moment, any moment, with a child is an opportunity to get to know her better.  In Session Six we show the practical means that MI theory provides to get to know your child's strengths, interests, preferences, and challenges; those that seem to be "forever" and those that are forever changing. We also revisit putting MI in action in a personalized way for your child using your MI understanding. How do you use MI to personalize your child's experiences in all his/her "realms"? And how do we help our children know themselves and how to capitalize on that knowledge?  

    Session Five: MI and My Family I
    Session Four takes the course back to the family context, investigating where we "find" MI at work at home and how we can use MI at home.  We begin to offer tools and activities to enrich and create family experiences and strategies for work and play.

    Session Six: MI and My Family II
    Session Five focuses on MI for parents and caregivers outside the home.  How can you support and enrich children's experiences at and with community resources? Libraries, discovery centers, theater, festivals, parks, and so on.  More tools and activities are available to "extend" the positive reach of multiple intelligences.  Activities will focus on creating activities or enhancing them; and our discussion forum will be an opportunity to share what you find and create.

    At Home with MI is US$99.


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