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  • MI Institute Establishes Partnerships Internationally

    Apr 8, 2009

    For Immediate Release

    MI Institute is establishing collaborations with educators internationally, creating research and development relationships around our mutual visions and goals. Our partnership-building includes:

    Suzuki School of Newton is opening an MI-informed Suzuki preschool on their music school campus in Newton, Massachusetts. MI Institute will support the development and implementation of the program, working with school staff to develop and pilot curriculum, classroom environment elements, and providing professional development and consulting around the integration of MI theory. This partnership will give MII an opportunity to learn about and document the integration of an MI lens and practices into a Suzuki preschool. 

    Riverside School, Ahmedabad MI Institute is teaming up with the Riverside School, directed by Kiran Sethi. Our work together focuses on the integration of MI approaches across grade levels and includes co-development of professional development modules, resources for educators; joint sponsorship and facilitation of conferences and professional development events; conducting research efforts; and co-authoring scholarly and practical works for educators and researchers. While joining forces for this initiative, Riverside and MI Institute will complement and support one another's respective efforts througha mutually beneficial learning relationship.

    EduRetreat,  Singapore. MI Institute is working with EduRetreat in support of its "Travel and Learn program", which brings educators and other interest groups on deeply engaging trips to India, facilitated by highly-esteemed Reflective Guides. Participants visit and engage with members and leaders of formal and informal learning communities and cultural institutions. MII and EduRetreat will work together in supporting and informing their respective initiatives as well as join together to offer co-developed events and programs in India and Singapore.

    On the horizon. MI Institute is currently in discussions with educators and organizations in Europe and Latin America regarding establishing working relationships. We are excited about these rich collaborations and the innovative outcomes they engender.

    For more information, please contact Greg Chang, Executive Director of MI Institute, at

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