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  • MII Launches Initiatives with Beijing Institute of Education

    Nov 26, 2009

    For Immediate Release

    Beijing, China.  On November 26 2009, MI Institute (MII) and Beijing Institute of Education (BIE) held a press conference to sign an agreement for the co-organization of the 2010 MI World Symposium in Beijing.  The signing also marks the start of the second phase of MI development in China, where the focus will move from theory into actual practice.  MII and BIE also announced the launch of a series of initiatives where the two parties will work together to train teachers, develop curriculums, and host international exchanges. 

    The agreement was signed between Managing Director of MI Institute, Ms. Julie Viens and President of BIE, Professor Li Fang.  It was witnessed by top leaders from both Institutes, including the President of Chinese National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations Mr. Tao Xiping and Executive Director of MI Institute, Mr. Jack Hsu. 

    Multiple Intelligences, MI China, Training, Courses, School
    Julie Viens, Managing Director of the MII exchanging signed contracts with Li Fang, President of BIE

    Professor Mei Ruli, renowned scholar from BIE and one of the leading MI experts in China, said in her opening remark "The start of this partnership is not difficult at all since both Institutes have the same goals: to improve education through meaningful research."  Professor Li Fang also said in his speech that "The cooperation with MI Institute and the Symposium next year allow our educators to continue our research in MI which we have been conducting since 2001 and exchange our findings with international experts." 

    Ms. Julie Viens, MD of MI Institute, also said, "As the leaders in MI understanding, research, and professional development in China, BIE has a great deal to teach MI Institute -- and we look forward to learning and building together, combining our institutional and practical histories to advance our mutual MI agenda."  

    The closing speech was given by Mr. Tao Xiping who said, "There has been a lot of debate about the effectiveness of MI in China.  I believe we have enough evidence to show that MI will improve our education level as a whole.  We must now focus on putting theory into practice.  Through working with the MI Institute, we will be able to collect experiences from educators around the world and contribute our research results to the international community."

    Multiple Intelligences, MI China, Training, Courses, School
    Mr. Tao Xiping speaking about the partnership.

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