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  • MII Co-sponsors the EduRetreat '09 in India

    Dec 30, 2009

    For Immediate Release

    India. Julie Viens, MII Managing Director, participated in the "EduRetreat '09" educational travel program, Nov. 28-Dec. 10, 2009. Through EduRetreat (,  delegates participate in several "encounters":  visiting schools, educators, scholars, and cultural institutions.  MI Institute co-sponsored the EduRetreat conference, a two-day event in Ahmedabad, India, where Dr. Howard Gardner discussed MI theory and presented his latest work regarding "Good Work" and "Good Citizenship" (via video link). Ms. Viens presented and conducted discussion sessions regarding MI theory in education, with particular attention to the Indian context.  

    Participant group taking a photo at the Riverside School

    Through her observations and engagement with educational  thinkers and practitioners, Ms. Viens advanced the MI Institute's understanding and practical efforts regarding understanding and using MI theory across and within different cultural contexts.

    EduRetreat also allowed Ms. Viens to begin establishing research and professional development relationships with several educators/educational institutions.  And if you are located in India, be sure to join the MII Network, launching January 12, 2010, and keep apprised of MI Institute activities and opportunities in your area.  MI Institute looks forward to returning to India soon to support the many MI-inspired efforts underway.

    Dr. Lilian Katz converse with local educators

    Lab school at the Human Development & Family Studies Department at the University of Baroda, Vadodara

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