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  • MII Conducts Research with Leading Children's Center at Boston

    Mar 23, 2010

    For Immediate Release

    Boston, USA. Since September, 2009, Julie Viens and her team of students from Harvard Graduate School of Education have been working with lead teachers and the director (Regina Nazarro)  of the R.J. Call Children's Center.   With an overarching goal of using Multiple Intelligences theory to support teachers' goals and efforts, the Multiple Intelligences Institute team has worked with the Children's Center in a number of capacities. 

    MII is conducting classroom observations , primarily of lead teachers' practices(at their request). That is, observations and analyses are focused on the teachers' roles and effect in the classroom.  MII is also looking with the Center staff  at overall classroom environment and materials,  using these observations to inform feedback and discussion. 

    MII is modeling group activities, with a particular focus on movement/music and visual arts.  Using MI theory, MII and Center staff identified  "movement" and "visual arts" as domains that could be further developed in their classrooms.  MII staff facilitated group activities in each domain, an opportunity for the teachers to observe their implementation.  Moreover, these activities were integrated into preparations for the annual student art show.  The MII role included supporting teachers to develop an art show beyond the bounds of two-dimensional visual art.  The show was multimedia, with video presentations and multisensory experiences (a 'basket' of scented dough fruits), and three dimensional art on display

    MII is co-planning the development of  MI-informed activities through MII participation in Center planning meetings and one-to-one meetings between MII and Center staff.  For example, MII staff supported MI-informed elaboration of existing themes such as "about me and my friends" and "our senses".  MII staff is also facilitating the development of a Simple Machines study to provide professional development sessions introducing MI theory and how it can be considered and used as a tool by early childhood educator and develop a  component of the Center's assessment framework to integrate description and documentation of individual students' strengths. As MII continues to work with the Center, they will continue to develop an MI-informed assessment framework and guidance, offer regular professional development, each session building on the one previous, as well as being grounded in and led by the goals, needs, direction  and questions of the Center and Center teaching staff, and facilitate and participate in teacher study discussions and planning meetings. For more information, please contact Greg Chang, Executive Director of MI Institute, at

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