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  • Dr. Gardner Releases His Session Topics for MI World Symposium

    Apr 21, 2010

    For Immediate Release

    Beijing, China. Dr. Howard Gardner has released his session topics for the Multiple Intelligences World Symposium taking place at Beijing, China on May 31st, 2010.  The Multiple Intelligences Institute has included the abstracts below:

    May 31st Presentation - Multiple Intelligences:  Past, Present, and Future

    The theory of multiple intelligences was developed thirty years ago. In contrast to the standard psychological view of intelligence as a single, measurable entity, MI theory holds that individuals hold a number of relatively autonomous cognitive abilities called the multiple intelligences.  In his presentation, Gardner will review the background and major claims of the theory; the educational implications that are most central to the theory; the ways in which the theory has evolved since it was first described in FRAMES OF MIND.  Gardner will describe the current status of the theory-- as psychology, as educational influence, and as a contributor to policy.  He will review the ways in which the ideas have been applied in different parts of the world.  In conclusion, Gardner will speculate about how MI ideas and practices are likely to evolve in the next decades.

    June 1st Presentation - Good Work and Good Citizenship in Our Time

    For the last fifteen years, as part of the GoodWork Project, Gardner and his colleagues have been studying the components of good work: work that is technically excellent, personally meaningful, and carried out in an ethical way.  Gardner will discuss the principal findings from this study, stressed the importance of alignment among the principal stakeholders in a work situation.  For example, good work is more likely to emerge in education if the principal stakeholders-- the teachers, the parents, the students, and the broader society--- agree on the purposes of education and how to determine whether those goals have been achieved.  More recently, the research team has been considering the qualities of good citizenship. In parallel to good work, the good citizen is knowledgeable; cares about issues and governance; and supports individuals and policies that are responsible, rather than those that only promote self interest.  In the last few years, Gardner and colleagues have been working with secondary school and university students, in an effort to foster good work in the next generation.  These interventions have proved to be challenging but also instructive.  In conclusion, Gardner will describe conclusions about this applied work and will speculate about how to raise the profile of good work and good citizenship around the world.

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