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  • MI World Symposium Report - Press Conerence

    Jun 22, 2010

    Beijing, China. On 31st May, the Multiple Intelligences Institute (MII), along with its partners, hosted a press conference for the release of “Multiple Intelligences Around the World” in both English and Chinese.  The press conference took place during the inaugural Multiple Intelligences World Symposium (MIWS) in Beijing. During this two-day event, educators from all over the world came together and shared their insights and findings with over 500 delegates.

    Panel speakers                                                                               Media members raising questions

    The press conference was conducted as a panel discussion, with the five panelists exchanging thoughts with the audience. Dr. Howard Gardner, as one of the authors of the book, led the group of exceptional panelists which included Fang Li, President of Beijing Institute of Education, Houcan Zhang, Professor of Psychology at Beijing Normal University and the chief editor of the Chinese version of the book, Jack Hsu, Executive Director of the MI Institute, and Xiaoqin Zhang, Vice President of Cheers Publishing.

    During the press conference,  Dr. Howard Gardner shared with the media how MI theory had helped develop a better understanding of education around the world.  He then invited the reporters to engage with him in a discussion over the theory and practice of MI around the world. The ensuing discussion encompassed implementation, creativity and other aspects of education.

    Zhang Houcan                                                                                 Li Fang

    The panel speakers also stressed that the implementation of MI would not be easy due to ingrained cultural and societal pressures to excel in overly narrow domains, such as mathematics and language ability. The speakers also advised parents to understand that every child will excel at several intelligences, and that it is both the parents' and educators' responsibility to nurture and cultivate these intelligences. Zhang Houcan, one of the most respected thinkers in the world, talked about the fit between MI and Chinese methodologies.  Li Fang, President of BIE, also noted that the current educational system was slowly moving towards a more individualized system where every child would be taken care of.

    Media members                                                                              Dr. Gardner Book Signing

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