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  • Julie Viens Interviewed by Popular Chinese Websites

    Jun 29, 2010

    Beijing, China.  On June 2nd, Julie Viens, Manager Director of Multiple Intelligences Institute, was interviewed by popular Chinese websites “” and “”.

    During the interview conducted by Hong Hai Zi, Julie introduced the research process and historical practice of Multiple Intelligences (MI) as a response to the prevalent theory of traditional IQ. She explained that just as MI theory is focused on children, so should every education courses be focused on children.

    Regarding the evaluation of Multiple Intelligence Schools, Julie had two responses. Firstly, she questioned whether every teacher was able to understand each child with MI theory, and then develop the appropriately individualized curriculum. Secondly, she noted that current teaching practices were not uniform but varied in nature. Julie then observed that though China was becoming increasingly familiar with MI theory, very few Chinese schools was able to implement MI theory well.

    Ms. Viens said that though she did not know many schools in China, she knew that Ivy Schools was the only kindergarten to practice MI education in accordance with the essence of MI Theory. Through photos and text, teachers recorded the growth and progress of the children. By using a variety of teaching methods, teachers inspired and helped children to understand the world and their own selves. Also, all Ivy Schools teachers felt that the MI online tools helped enable meaningful communication with parents. Through regular and personal teacher-parent meetings, parents could see for themselves how MI theory and practices had benefited their children.

    During the interview with Yaolan, Julie answered the questions that involved both early child education and specific cases brought up by parents. Mrs. Zephyrzoe, a guest of Yaolan, asked Julie why her children hated to study, but only liked to play games and sports. Julie advised her on how to use MI frameworks to teach them. Julie informed her that the children’s predominant learning method might be through play. She suggested that if a parent was worried that the child’s language development was delayed, the parent could speak with the child during play. Even though a child may not repeat the words, the child would still be learning. Julie also stressed that MI teaching should be based on enabling a child to take advantage of opportunities and explore the world on their own. By closely observing the child’s interests, the parent should tailor the child’s education accordingly. MI theory does not mean that child must excel in all 8 Intelligences. For example, a shy child should be given space and time by a parent to become comfortable with people, and not be pressured during social situations.

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