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  • MII Partners with KLM Empowered Human Solutions in South Africa

    Nov 22, 2010

    Johannesburg, South Africa. Multiple Intelligences Institute's courses are officially available in South Africa, Africa and Indian Ocean Islands. MII is working with KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists (Pty) Ltd to offer teacher and parent training and the establishment, accreditation and evaluation of MI sites within the Region. KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg, South Africa was founded in 2005, company’s specialization is people upliftment and empowerment through education. KLM Empowered’s portfolio includes; registration and full accreditation for training provision of Adult Education with the Services SETA and SABPP,  provisional registration with Department of Higher Education as a Further Education and Training College - the Knowledge X-Change Business Academy and the recent registration with the Department of Basic Education for our Senior High School; the Knowledge X-Change Senior High. They have a national footprint and boast a wealth of accredited and registered local and international qualifications and skills programmes.

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    The Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute is committed to the understanding and application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in educational settings, from pre-school through adult education. Through our online course and support channels, face to face professional development, consulting services, and curriculum and resource development offerings, we support programs and educators seeking to tap into this powerful theory and pedagogical framework to create and provide learner-centered, goal-driven applications of MI Theory in any learning context.  Please visit our website for more information.