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  • MII, Ivy Schools and ABC Work Together to Train Teachers

    Oct 22, 2011

    Beijing, China. More than 80 teachers from five Beijing migrant worker schools attended the “Multiple Intelligences Professional Training Day” held at Ivy Schools’ Tiantong campus, which was jointly organized by the Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute, Ivy Schools and A Bridge for Children International (ABC).

    In Beijing, there are approximately 100,000 migrant workers’ children who study in more than 260 non-government funded schools. Most of these schools only have the most rudimentary facilities and are without access to a lot of the basic teaching resources. Due to these constraints, these children do not have access to a quality education that may limit their future growth and opportunities.

    The MI training was organized to equip teachers with new teaching tools and concepts and is part of a long term plan to upgrade the skills and motivation of the teachers at migrant worker schools. The Beijing Institute of Education (BIE) is also involved in this effort and will provide additional academic research and support.
    “We think that this is a very worthwhile cause that we are working on as migrant workers have provided the backbone of the incredible economic growth that China has experienced, and this should not be at the expense of them sacrificing the future of their children,” explained Mr. Jack Hsu, CEO of Ivy Schools.

    “We also think that Multiple Intelligences will provide the teachers with a very effective lens by which they can work with the children and how they organize their classrooms,” added Ms. Julie Viens, Managing Partner of MI Institute.

    For more information, please contact Kim Li at for MI Institute, and Lisa Xu at for Ivy Schools.

    About A Bridge for Children (ABC)
    A Bridge for Children International (ABC) is an US non-profit organization, with the serves of major programmatic areas: Domestic Adoption; Education and Life Skills; and Rural Migrant School teachers training.

    About Multiple Intelligences Institute
    The Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute is committed to the understanding and application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in educational settings, from pre-school through adult education. Through our online course and support channels, face to face professional development, consulting services, and curriculum and resource development offerings, we support programs and educators seeking to tap into this powerful theory and pedagogical framework to create and provide learner-centered, goal-driven applications of MI Theory in any learning context. Please visit our website for more information.

    About Ivy Schools
    Founded in 2004, Ivy Schools are all managed and operated by the Ivy Education Group, dedicated to providing premier early childhood education. Our schools offer the only Multiple Intelligences (MI) program in China officially recognized by the MI Institute. Our goal is to develop children’s’ full potential in a dynamic and supportive environment using current research-based practices. For more information please go to the website