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  • 2012 Multiple Intelligences World Symposium

    May 14, 2012

    The 2012 Multiple Intelligences (MI) World Symposium, organized by the Multiple Intelligences Institute, Beijing Institute of Education, Tianjin Education Academic Society, Tianjin Education Bureau of Hexi District, and undertaken by the Ivy Schools, will be held at Sheraton Hotels and Resorts in the Hexi District, Tianjin from May 17th – 18th, with the theme of “Nurturing Children's Learning Using Multiple Intelligences.”
    The 2012 MI World Symposium aims to create an international platform for MI experts and educational practitioners to exchange  and share the latest research findings and experiences with Chinese local educational practitioners.
    The conference’s speakers include several MI experts from around the world, Ms. Julie Viens, managing partner at the MI Institute, Professor Zhilong Shen, Chinese expert in MI theory, and Dr. Mindy Kornhaber, a leading researcher who took part in Project Zero at Harvard University. Furthermore, Ivy Schools will hold a parent session in the afternoon of May 18th, 2012 for parents in Tianjin to learn more about the application of MI theory in a classroom setting. Ms. Julie Viens, Dr. Rhonda Bondie from Fordham University and Dr. Zhiliang Qian, professor at Beijing Normal University’s Early Education Department and head of Chinese Family Educational Society will lead this seminar. 
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