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  • Multiple Intelligences Institute Experts Visit Ivy Schools

    Apr 15, 2013

    From April 8th-12th, 2013, Ms. Julie Viens, Managing Partner at the Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute and Dr. Rhonda Bondie, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Fordham University and researcher at Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero, visited the various Ivy Schools campuses located in Beijing and Tianjin. The two experts carefully observed Ivy Schools’ educational activities and provided constructive feedback. They also engaged in lively discussions with Ivy teachers and shared their personal teaching practices.

    To allow more Chinese parents to have a better understanding of what is MI theory and how it can be applicable to help them discover their children’s strengths, Ms. Julie Viens and Dr. Rhonda Bondie spoke at the Ivy Schools' Distinguished Speaker Series. During the presentation, they shared with over 300 parents practical strategies that they can use at home to help foster their children’s intelligences.

    About Multiple Intelligences Institute
    The Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute is committed to the understanding and application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in educational settings, from pre-school through adult education. Through our online course and support channels, face to face professional development, consulting services, and curriculum and resource development offerings, we support programs and educators seeking to tap into this powerful theory and pedagogical framework to create and provide learner-centered, goal-driven applications of MI Theory in any learning context. Please visit our website for more information.
    About Ivy Schools
    Founded in 2004, Ivy Schools are all managed and operated by the Ivy Education Group, dedicated to providing premier early childhood education. Our schools offer the only Multiple Intelligences (MI) program in China officially recognized by the MI Institute. Our goal is to develop children’s’ full potential in a dynamic and supportive environment using current research-based practices. For more information please go to the website