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  • MII Experts' Seminar Captures Media's Attention

    Aug 12, 2013

    On April 13th, 2013, Ivy Schools invited Ms. Julie Viens and Dr. Rhonda Bondie to be the guest speakers for Ivy Schools Distinguished Speaker Series(VII). With the theme of "Building Children's Multiple Intelligences Strengths Through Visual Thinking", they presented a wonderful bilingual lecture for more than 200 Chinese and foreign families.

    "Parenting Science" Magazine, a leading parenting media in China, had an interview with Ms. Julie Viens. They discussed many theoretical and practical issues related to the MI theory.  During the interview, Ms. Julie Viens said: “The key to developing child's full potential is to provide them with a variety of experience and personalized method of learning, starting from the perspective of visual thinking.”

    Furthermore, "Jing Kids" Magazine also reported on "Ivy Schools Distinguished Speaker Series".