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  • School Management System

    The School Management System offered by the MI Institute is a comprehensive, easy to use web-based platform that helps pre-schools run more efficiently, whether it be a single campus or hundreds of campuses.  The system is designed to be used by all the constituents of a pre-school, including Teachers, Parents, Administrators and Management. 

    Benefits of using this system include higher parent satisfaction as they can keep track of their children's progress clearly in a structured manner.  It is also an indispensable tool for teachers as it provides a valuable resource for planning their curriculum and activities, and reduces repetitive paperwork.  For finance department, the system keeps track of cash flow movement and reconciles the tuition collected at the end of every month, giving a clear picture of the financial performance of the school.  The HR department will also be able to keep track of each teacher's information, as well as to use the system as another input into the performance review.  Finally, the system can provide reports on the key performances of the school to school managers.

    For more information or to arrange a demonstration of the School Management System please contact

  • MI Curriculum & Assessment Development

    MI Institute offers support to schools and programs who are or plan to develop MI-informed curriculum and assessment. Level of support may range from review and feedback on existing programs and/or materials  (or drafts) to developing curriculum and assessment resources based on criteria developed by or with a school or program. 

    MI-based projects, learning or interest centers, discrete activities, observation frameworks built around specific activities to document students' strengths and interests, reporting formats, are among the products MI Institute is able to develop with or for educators seeking to use and integrate MI theory and approaches into their programming.
  • Professional Development and Consulting

    MI Institute provides customized professional development and consulting services regarding using and integrating Multiple Intelligences into educational programs. These sessions include presentations and workshops, classroom observations and feedback, and reflective discussion and planning meetings with participating educators. We can work with interested parties to develop online professional development offerings akin to these face-to-face programs --from one hour presentations or seminars to multiple session programs.

  • School Accreditation Program

    The MI Institute will be accepting applications for the Multiple Intelligences School Accreditation Program in the coming months.  Basic MI accreditation requirements for a school will include:

    - A minimum of 80% of the teachers are MI Teacher Certified through the MI Institute (see program details)
    - Completion of a school-wide MI portfolio, documenting MI-related efforts, such as:

    • Ongoing teacher development that addresses and enhances school-wide MI efforts
    • Presence of a school-wide MI effort with systematic review process facilitated by school leadership
    • School leadership participation in all aspects of the school-wide MI effort
    • Successful MII accreditation site visit and evaluation by the MI Institute

    The program will also include periodic reviews to maintain accreditation status Accreditation will be designated based on submission of the completed portfolio and successful site visit evaluation. 

    Start your school's accreditation process immediately by enrolling your teachers in MI Institute online courses required for initial teacher certification. 

    Please contact us at for more details.