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  • School Accreditation Program

    The MI Institute will be accepting applications for the Multiple Intelligences School Accreditation Program in the coming months.  Basic MI accreditation requirements for a school will include:

    - A minimum of 80% of the teachers are MI Teacher Certified through the MI Institute (see program details)
    - Completion of a school-wide MI portfolio, documenting MI-related efforts, such as:

    • Ongoing teacher development that addresses and enhances school-wide MI efforts
    • Presence of a school-wide MI effort with systematic review process facilitated by school leadership
    • School leadership participation in all aspects of the school-wide MI effort
    • Successful MII accreditation site visit and evaluation by the MI Institute

    The program will also include periodic reviews to maintain accreditation status Accreditation will be designated based on submission of the completed portfolio and successful site visit evaluation. 

    Start your school's accreditation process immediately by enrolling your teachers in MI Institute online courses required for initial teacher certification. 

    Please contact us at for more details.