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  • Professor Howard Gardner's website

    Dr. Howard Gardner's official website, with latest updated information on his writings and research and a special section regarding Multiple Intelligences theory, including a bibliography and selected articles.
  • Harvard Project Zero

    Project Zero was founded at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1967 by the philosopher Nelson Goodman to study and improve education in the arts. It is now an internationally respected educational research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Gardner's and his colleagues, including Julie Viens, MII Managing Director, conducted nearly two decades of MI research and development Project Zero.
  • Videatives

    Videatives, inc., was founded by CEO Dr. George Forman, MII Advisory Board member and Professor Emeritus at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The site is rich with early childhood resources for teacher learning. The centerpiece of the site (and resources) are videatives. Videatives are text documents presented in electronic format that describe and explain the significance of the goals, strategies, and theories of children engaged in learning experiences. Within the text, words and phrases serve as hypertext links that, when clicked, launch short video clips. The video clips exemplify and give context to the experiences described and explained in the text. The purpose of the videative is to enhance the reader’s ability to recognize, interpret, and understand children’s thinking and learning. video Videatives helps educators develop curriculum, determine policy, and evaluate the quality of education that children receive.
  • EduRetreat

    EduRetreat offers "Travel and Learn" opportunities to India, facilitated by Reflective Guides and organized by interest group (educators, writers, NGOs). EduRetreat provides a global platform for scholars and practitioners from both East and West to forge innovative programs within their cultural contexts, by visiting and participating in urban, rural and indigenous learning setting. Dr. Lilian Katz & Dr. Sylvia Chard, distinguished early childhood educators, serve as Reflective Guides for EduRetreat'09 (November 26-December 9)
  • Ivy Academy

    The Ivy Academy is a Multiple Intelligences pre-school based in Beijing, China and is an example of an exemplary MI School. The MI Institute has been working closely with Ivy Academy in areas such as curriculum development and teacher training, and results have included the Ivy Academy being named one of the top private schools in Beijing city.
  • New City School

    New City School is best known internationally as a premium Multiple Intelligences school. Headed by Dr. Thomas Hoerr, longtime educator, author, and MI Institute advisor, New City School is also well-known for its exceptional work with diversity, focusing on helping students appreciate the differences of others. The school uses year-long themes at every grade, as a way to frame curriculum and instruction. Coupled with the use of MI, the result is student experiences that are meaningful, rich, and fun, and that result in student skill-building and understanding.
  • Riverside School

    The Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India, is the brainchild of its director, Kiran Sethi, MII Advisory Board member. Riverside is created around a philosophy that it has called "Roots-Froots": "To provide children with the highest quality and no-compromise primary education, that will be the basis of their overall development and competency for the rest of their lives." Riverside believes in providing children with inputs and an environment that integrate individual and group, learning and playing, knowledge and values, reasoning and creativity, along with discipline and freedom - into a seamless mix of experiences, discoveries, and structured inputs.
  • Helbling Languages New Book - "Multiple Intelligences in EFL"

    Multiple Intelligences in EFL gives a brief overview of the latest research into multiple intelligences relevant for EFL. The book shows how you can enrich your own teaching by systematically activating other intelligences in your language lessons. Multiple Intelligences in EFL demonstrates what you can do so that more students feel “addressed” in your class. It will help you to appreciate otherwise hidden strengths in your students. The book provides fun lessons for your students - through 99 clear and easy-to-follow teaching recipes.

    Vidya Sagar, started in a garage in 1985 by Ms Poonam Natarajan, a mother with a child with disability, Ishu, Vidya Sagar is known today for the quality and range of programs, it’s “professionalism with care”, the pro-active and positive spirit of its team of staff and children.
    In 2 decades, Vidya Sagar has developed into an institution offering programs that focus on holistic development and education for children and adults with special needs; demystification of disability; empowering persons with special needs and their families with knowledge and skills, while strongly advocating on issues of inclusion.
    The organization believes in the right to equality of opportunity, an inclusive society where differences are celebrated, that disability is a development and a human rights issue.